In the Footsteps of William Wallace


Author: Alan Young and Michael J. Stead
Format: Paperback

For nearly 700 years debate has raged over the true nature of William Wallace and his role in Scotland's turbulent history. Was he the 'Braveheart' of Blind Harry's legendary account, the bold, but savage hero of the Scottish wars? Or, as some contemporary chroniclers attested, nothing but a villainous thief and vagrant fugitive? This book draws on a wide range of contemporary and modern sources to look behind the figure of legend to find Wallace's true character.
These superb photographs trace Wallace's life from his modest upbringing in south-west Scotland to his remarkable victory as a 'guerilla' leader and military commander at Stirling Bridge, and to his eventual betrayal, capture and painful execution seven years later.
This is an essential travel companion for a journey through the landscapes and places associated with Wallace in Scotland and Northern England, and a vibrant new insight into the reality of Scotland's most famous battlefield hero.
Alan Young is a freelance lecturer and writer on British history. He was previously Principal Lecturer in History at University College of Ripon and York St John. He has written widely on Scottish and northern English history. Michael J. Stead has gained a reputation as one of Britain's leading landscape photographers. Together they have also written In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce (The History Press).
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