Solid Scottish Silver Pennanular


Made by the Edinburgh based silver smith Daniel Killeen. This can be worn by men as a kilt pin or brooch and also by women.

Pennanulars are often called Celtic Brooches, this design was found in Scotland from around 700 to 900 AD. The earliest forms of brooches were the annular, that is, a long pin with a hinged ring at its head for ornament, and the "penannular," or pin with a broken circle at its head. The penannular design is a simple and efficient way of fastening loosely woven cloth (where the pin will not leave a permanent hole).

Daniel was inspired by the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, drawing on historical reference and mythical meaning, creating beautifully created studio jewellery, akin to the spectacular silver crafted by the Picts. Blending artist craftsmanship with contemporary design, his work infuses techniques that are reflected in each bespoke item of jewellery.

You can see Daniel's signature of the three dots on the pennanular. The three dots are seen on body adornment and carvings of ancient Scots, Picts, Celts and Norse.

The dots are a cool reminder of the real meaning of wanderlust, nature, the past and adventures to come.

He designs are strong and uncomplicated


Size: Pin 5mm, 8cm long and 4cm wide.

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