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Hi Bryan

For you:

Heavyweight Kilt and Fly Plaid in Henderson Ancient

I will make the Fly Plaid from the same heavyweight tartan so please ignore that the link says 'lightweight'

The kilt is completely hand stitched.

Kilt and Flashes: $528.99

Fly Plaid: $149.99.

For your Girlfriend
Mini Kilt and Sash in Henderson Ancient: $289.99

Girlfriend's Mum
Circle Skirt in Henderson Ancient: $266.41

Stepson (almost 4)
Child's Tam in Henderson Ancient$ 20.42 :
Sash - For a wee sash for this age it's more or less just a scarf.  I can make this from the left overs of the circle skirt:$ 23.99

4 henderson pins:   Do you mean kilt pins or pin badges.

Sub Total: $1425.74
Postage to the US: $50
Total: $1475


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