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Twitter - Social Networking Site

Twitter – Social Networking Site

Today an article was published in The Edinburgh Evening News which looked at ever growing phenomenon of Twitter.  Rodger from was interviewed to give his views on how ScotClans uses Twitter.  (but unfortunately didn’t leave a lasting impression as he gets called Robert Moffet in this article).  The aricle is written by Victoria Raimes.

Twitter has more than six million users and as Victoria says is even getting Facebook in a flap.

Victoria writes:

“A Top 100 Edinburgh tweeters list has been compiled by and is ranked by number of followers.

With so many firms keen to get in on the act, is there a danger Twitter will become nothing more than a crowded marketplace? 

Scotclans, which sells kilts and other Scottish-themed goods and is the second most popular Twitter user in Edinburgh, doesn’t believe that will be the case.

“Yes, Twitter is an ongoing PR system, but if you blatantly start promoting your business – and only promoting your business – people are going to suss you out pretty quickly and stop following you,” says owner Robert Moffet.

“We aren’t trying to sell kilts on Twitter. Rather we’re trying to humanise our business, to show customers there are real, interesting people behind the company.”

Scotclans, though, has found Twitter is an excellent way to make contacts. The company bumped into a new social networking site, Scotster, on the site and the pair decided to team up to enhance their business, with Scotster users now offered a link to one of Scotclans’ forums.

After finding Twitter so useful, Robert and a colleague decided to visit a Twestival in February. “

See ScotClans tweets at

Many thanks to Victoria Raimes for this article and for now joining the twitter crowd.  Read her full article >>


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