Messages from WW2 soldiers at Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle was built in 1818 by renowned Scottish architect William Burn, situated in South Queensferry this castle is now the stately home of Sir Jack and his wife Lady Lydia Stewart-Clark.

The castle’s commanding views over the Forth made it an integral part of Scotland’s defence in World War 2. In 1938 a German Luftwaffe raid on the Forth Road Bridge caused alarm and protection for this vital bridge was put into place, barage balloons were floated around the bridge and an army headquarters was set up at Dundas Castle. For five long years soldier’s occupied Dundas Castle.

If you climb the steep stairs of the tower you will not only see amazing views but also messages left by the soldiers in the lead piping on the roof. Scratched over the long hours keeping watch on the incrediably important Forth Road Bridge.