1306 – Coronation Of Robert The Bruce

Bruce Coronation Sculpture at Edinburgh Castle

Bruce Coronation Sculpture at Edinburgh Castle

After murdering John Comyn, the way was clear for Robert the Bruce to become King of Scotland without challenge.

His grandfather had first contested the Bruce family’s claim to the throne back in 1286. It was the hereditary office of the Earl of Fife to enthrone a Scottish king as they sat upon the Stone of Destiny, which itself sat upon the mound at Scone.

This coronation would have to be different however, since Edward I of England had stolen the stone in 1296. Also, the 1306 ceremony had no Earl of Fife, as he was in prison. His daughter Isabella rode at speed to Scone to represent him. When the twenty-year-old arrived Robert had already been crowned.

Such was the importance of Fife’s role, the ceremony was performed again.


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