Castles in Renfrewshire

Finlaystone Castle

The original Finlaystone House was built in the 14th century and incorporates a 15th century castle.

The original house was extended and remodeled in 1760 and again between 1899 and 1903. The castle was originally the property of the Cunningham Earls of Glencairn and the 5th Earl invited John Knox to preach there in 1556. There is still an ancient yew tree under which Knox is said to have preached – though a later owner had the tree moved away from the house as it was blocking the light to the windows! Robert Burns, who was a friend of one of the Earls of Glencairn also visited the house.

Finlaystone is now a centre for the MacMillans and the clan is featured in a number of areas and have held gatherings there in recent years.

Clan Connections with Castle Finlaystone

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