Branxholme Castle

Branxholme Castle

Branxholme Castle

Branxholme Castle sits three miles south-west of Hawick on land held by the Scott clan since 1420.

The original castle was razed by the Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland’s men in 1532, but the second one managed to sustain the attack of the English during the 1547 War of Rough Wooing.

However, in 1570 the Scotts themselves slighted the castle, and the job was then finished off by William Parr, the Earl of Essex, by blowing up the castle with gunpowder. Though, within a few years Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch had already started the castle’s reconstruction, significantly increasing the castle’s size and strength.

In 1837 extensive remodelling began by William Burn for Walter, 5th Duke of Buccleuch.

The castle is still belongs to the Scotts.

Clans connected with Branxholme Castle

Clan Scott