Fatlips Castle

Fatlips Castle

Fatlips Castle

Built in the 16th century by the Turnbulls of Barnhill, Fatlips Castle is a four-storey ruined pele tower located in Roxburghshire, at the top of Minto Crags. The castle is 4 miles west of Jedburgh and 48 miles south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders region.

Fatlips Castle - Wikimedia Commons

Fatlips Castle – Wikimedia Commons

The castle’s unusual name is said to have come from members of the house greeting guests is a more ‘forward’ way than was considered decent, with gentlemen kissing ladies upon entering the castle. Fatlips was also known as Minto Castle, Catslick Castle and Mantoncrake Castle.

Fatlips was acquired in 1705 by Sir Gilbert Elliot, whose family became the Earls of Minto. Sir Robert Lorimer extensively restored the castle in 1857, and the interior was further renovated in 1897-1898 to be used as a shooting lodge and private museum, which it was until 1960. Since then the building has lain in ruins.

Fatlips Castle boasts spectacular views from its elevated position above the River Teviot.

Clans connected with Fatlips Castle

Clan Turnbull

Clan Elliot