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The Gorbals Vampire

A short distance from Glasgow city centre on the south bank of the Clyde is an area known as The Gorbals ...
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Standing Stones of Stenness

Scotland’s World Heritage Sites!

With the Forth Bridge having recently joined five other areas of Scotland as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we thought this ...
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Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs gets ready to dance. Photo: Rob McDougall

Worldwide Call for 24 Hour Ceilidh

People from across the world have been invited to join in a global ceilidh held over 24 hours next summer, ...
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Why is Scotland so… Google Reveals All

Internet search giant Google has revealed questions the world wants to know about Scotland, unfortunately showing rather unflattering results. The ...
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Map Reveals Scots Modern-Day Surnames

A map of Great Britain's most popular surnames shows the dominance that clan areas still hold in Scotland, while other ...
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Edinburgh and Glasgow’s Rivarly Began Over Bread

It has been recently suggested that the centuries-long rivalry between Scotland's capital and Scotland's largest city all started over bread ...
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Glasgow’s New Church Is Going To Be Rubbish

A new church is set to be built in Glasgow made out of recycled items ranging from empty beer cans ...
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A Hidden Gem – New Lanark

Scotland has four World Heritage sites: The Heart of Neolithic Orkney; St Kilda; Old and New Town Edinburgh and perhaps ...
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The Gaelic Gasp & The Glottal Stop

Most people have a fixed idea of what a Scottish accent is, thanks to film and television; and, generally it's ...
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Friday the 13th – Scotland’s Unluckiest Couple?

Today is the third, and final, Friday the 13th of 2009, and the date has long been associated with superstition ...
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