Scots of the world create a 'Special Piece of History'

munroes2Did you know that at one time Scotland was almost covered in dense forest? The great Caledonian forest covered nearly 80% of the country from shore to shore. Sadly now though despite the work in Scottish forestry the UK now only has 12% woodland compared to the European average of 32%.

In a unique initiative Trees4Scotland has teamed up with The Gathering 2009 to plant a new woodland in Scotland’s central Highlands.

Not only will this fantastic project become a living monument to The Clan Gathering and a legacy of the Year of Homecoming but it will also enhance Scotland’s natural landscape and help in the fight against global warming!

With trees from only £10 it could not be easier to get involved and anyone planting 5 trees or more will get their name placed up on the onsite honours board.

Angus Crabbie of Trees4Scotland says, “Our ultimate aim is for every visitor to Scotland take a positive action and plant a tree. So far we have been massively encouraged by the support that we have received – especially from the many Clan groups and societies in all parts of the world.”

trees4scotland_logo1All of the trees planted will be native varieties such as oak, birch, ash and rowan as this project aims to restore part of Scotland’s landscape back to its natural woodland state. This in turn will encourage the regeneration of wildlife habits, and have the additional benefit of combating climate change.

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