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Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong (b.1930)
The first man on the moon, it is said he took a swatch of Armstrong tartan with him. At the time of the moon landing, the town clerkof Langholm was Eddie Armstrong, Eddie issued the invitation for Neil Armstrong to become the town’s first and only Freeman. In 1972 Neil Armstrong with his wife came to Langholm to accept the honour. Men, women and children lined the streets to cheer and wave in welcome. At the ceremony address he told the audience, “The most difficult place to be recognised is in one’s own home town, I consider this, now, my home town.”
Armstrong died on 25 August 2012, aged 82, as a result of complications following bypass surgery to relieve blocked coronary arteries. Within days of his death, Langholm representatives began to make requests to the Scottish council to commemorate his life.

Edwin Howard Armstrong

Edwin Howard Armstrong

Edwin Howard Armstrong (1890-1954)
US Electrical Engineer, inventor of the FM radio.












Gary Armstrong (born 1966 in Edinburgh)
Gary equalled Roy Laidlaw’s then record as Scotland’s most capped scrum-half when he won his 47th cap against Romania in August 1999. He then joined the 50-cap club when he led Scotland to victory in the World Cup play-off match against Samoa that October.

He retired from international rugby after Scotland’s 18-30 defeat by New Zealand in the 1999 Rugby World Cup quarter-final against New Zealand.

Gary Armstrong led Scotland to the 1999 Five Nations Championship, playing his eighth Test as captain as Scotland grasped pole position with their stunning 36-22 victory against France.


He was skipper throughout the previous two Five Nations Championships and was also captain on Scotland’s 1999 visit to South Africa, when he played in all four matches and scored the opening try of the tour in the victory over Border.

Gary Armstrong then went on to emulate Laidlaw by playing for both Scotland and the Lions, touring with the latter in Australia in 1989. He joined Newcastle Falcons in 1995, and his appetite for the fray was seen to best advantage when the club won England’s Allied Dunbar Premiership title in 1998.

Gary finished his career by returning home to play for the newly created professional team, The Borders. He retired in 2004 at about the same time as Doddie Weir. An interesting sidenote: In Jonny Wilkinson’s book ‘How to Play Rugby My Way’ Armstrong’s nickname is given as the ‘scrap-yard dog’ as Jonny has never met anyone as ‘tough as him!’

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