Clan Blackadder

Basic Info.

Blackadder Clan Crest

Blackadder Clan Crest


Crest: A dexter hand issuing from a Wreath grasping and brandishing aloft a sword, Proper
Motto: Courage Helps Fortune
Origin of Name: Territorial
Historic Seat: Old Tulliallan Castle, Fife
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Blackadder Tartan

Tweedside District

Tweedside District

Tweedside District tartan (There is no registered tartan for this clan)

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Clan History

Blackadder River

Blackadder River

Blackadder History

The clan is named after the river and lands of Blackadder in Berwickshire.

Adam of Blackathir was one of those sent to conduct the envoys with Princess Cecilia’s dower to Edinburgh in 1477, and in 1486 Charles Blackater had protection and safe conduct to travel in England.

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Clan Lands

Blackadder Lands


Blackadder Map


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