Clan Byres

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Byres Clan Crest

Byres Clan Crest

Clan Byres

Crest: A cock reguardant, Proper
Motto: Marte Suo Tutus (Safe by his own exertions)
Historic Seat: Byres Castle (ruined), East Lothian
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan


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Byres Tartan

Lindsay Clan

Lindsay Modern

Lindsay Clan tartan (There is no registered tartan for this clan)

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Clan History

Byres Hill, East Lothian

Byres Hill, East Lothian

Clan Byres History

Also found as Byers and Buyers, the name is derived from the old barony of Byres in East Lothian.

John de Byres appears as a monk of Neubotle in 1309. Thomas de Byris owned a tenement in Edinburgh in 1392 and in 1534 Thomas Byres was admitted burgess of Aberdeen.

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Byres Lands


Byres Clan

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