Clan Caldwell History

caldwell_img_historyThe Caldwells take their name from the Caldwell lands in Renfrewshire.

The direct line ended in the fifteenth century with the death of an heiress.

The first record of the name is that of William de Caldwell in 1342, and in 1405 Robert Cauldwell was a merchant in the service of Sir John of Montgomery.

Hugh de Calde Wel a scutiferus witnessed a charter in 1419 and Watte Cawdwellis was also a witness in Dunfermline in 1495.

James Caulduoll was a presbyter and notary public in Glasgow in 1554. and Patrick Caldwools lived in Cockerhaugh in 1687.

The name was fairly common in Edinburgh in the 1600s as Cauldwell and Caldwelles.

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