Clan Campbell of Cawdor Septs

The following names are considered septs or associated names of Clan Campbell of Cawdor:

Cadall, Caddel, Caddell, Cadder, Cadell, Cadella, Caldaile, Caldell, Calder, Caldor, Cambal, Cambale, Cambel, Cambele, Cambell, Cambelle, Camble, Cammell, Campbele, Campbell, Campbill, Campble, Cattal, Cattall, Cattell, Cattle, Cauder, Caudle, Caulder, Cawdale, Cawdor, Chambelle, Cowdale, Kambail, Kambaile, Kambayl, Kumpel, O’Docharty, Torie, Torrie, and Torry

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