Clan Chisholm Septs

Name varients include:
Cheseholme, Chisholm, Chisholme
Cheishame, Cheishelm, Cheisholme, Chesame, Chesehelme, Cheseholm, Cheseim, Cheshelm, Cheshelme, Chesholm, Chesholme, Cheshom, Chesim, Chesolm, Chesolme, Chesom, Chesome, Chessam, Chessame, Chesseholme, Chisholm, Chisholme, Chism, Chisolm, Chisolme, Chisomme, Chissem, Chissim, Chissolme, Schisholme, Schishome, Schisolme , Schisome, Sheshelm, Shisholme

The surname Fenton is said to be a sept of Clan Chisholm. I can not find out the reasons for this.

Clan Branches

Chisholm of Chisholm (chiefs)
Chisholm of Struy (senior cadets)
Chisholms of Lietry and Kinneries
Chisholms of Knockfin
Chisholms of Muckerach

Allied Clans

Clan MacDonald of Lochalsh

Rival Clans

Clan Grant
Clan Rose