Clan Clephane History

clephane_img_historyThe Clephanes are said to be a branch of an English family which takes it’s name from Clapham in Sussex.

The family first settled in Lauderdale where they were vassals of the Morvilles.

In 1200 Alan de Clapham witnessed a charter by Roland of Galloway, and in 1230 Walter Clapham witnessed a charter by Thomas de Galwethia to the Abbey of Neubotle.

The seal of Marc de Clapham of Fife, who rendered homage in 1296 shows a fleur de lys and the words ‘S’Marci de Clepha’.

Alexander of Claphame witnessed a charter by Henry St. Clair, earl of Orkney at Kirkuaw in 1391 and Ricardus Clapehame was canon of Aberdeen in 1451.

In 1529 Margret Claphane was banished from Edinburgh town for ‘bying of fische to regrait again’.

Adam Clephane was killed in a radial riot in Greenock in 1820.

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