Clan Congilton History

congilton_img_historyAlso found as Congalton and Congleton.

The barony of Congalton is found in Dirleton, East Lothian, although the family may originally have come from Congilton in Cheshire.

Robert de Congaltoun witnessed a charter of Richard de Moreville in 1182 and Walter de Congilton witnessed an agreement between an agreement between the Abbey of Neubotel and John de Morham between 1214 and 1240.

Wautier de Congeltone and Mabille de Cungiltone rendered homage in 1296.

In 1506 John Congiltoun was ‘unus occupatorum carbofodinarum de Gilmerton’ and in 1548 Joh Congiltoun was admitted burgess of Aberdeen.

In 1673 William Congiltoun of Congiltoun became one of the justices of the peace for Haddingtonshire.

In 2004 Marioun Congilton of Prestonpans near Edinburgh was pardoned after being being executed for witchcaft in 1590.

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