Clan Denniston History

The name is derived from the barony of Danzielstoun in Renfrewshire, which was named after someone called Daniel.

Sir Huew de Danielestoun of Lanarkshire rendered homage in 1296, and in 1365 Johannes de Daniellyston witnessed confirmation of a charter to Jacobus de Lekprewyk of lands in Kyle.

In the 14th century the family held the greater part of the barony of Glencairn in Dumfriesshire, and Robert de Danyelestona had a charter in the sheriffdom of Dumfries.

In 1373 Sir John de Danyelstona had confirmation of all of his lands of Mauldisley, and Johannes de Danyeellstoun witnessed a charter of the lands of Duppolle to the Friars Preachers of Ayr in 1381.

Robert de Danyelstoun attested a charter of the lands of Myrecairnie in Fife in 1390.

The direct line ended in 1404 with the marriage of the heiress, Margaret to Sir William Cunningham, ancestor of the earls of Glencairn.

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