Clan Dewar

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Dewar Clan Crest

Dewar Clan Crest


Motto: Quis Non Pro Patria (Why would we not do it for our country?)
Origin of Name: Placename Midlothian or Gaelic ‘Deoireach’, meaning ‘pilgrim’
Historic Seat: Vogrie House, Midlothian
Clan Chief: Michael Dewar of that Ilk and Vogrie

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Dewar Tartan

Buchanan Clan

Buchanan Clan

Buchanan Clan tartan (There is no registered tartan for this clan)

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Clan History

Vogrie House

Vogrie House

Dewar History

The Dewar’s are known to have first settled in an area to the south east of Edinburgh, Legend has it that they were awarded the lands for killing a wolf who had been terrorising the area.

There is also a variation of the name that derives from the Gaelic ‘Deoireach’, meaning ‘pilgrim’.

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Clan Lands

Dewar Lands


Dewar Map

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