Clan Duncan Crest

Duncan Clan Crest

Duncan Clan Crest

Crest Description: On waves of the sea, Argent, a lymphad proper under sail, Or, flagged, Gules, the sail charged with a clarion, Gules

Note: The crest reproduced above is taken from the arms of John A Duncan on Sketraw, an Armiger. There is no recognised chief of  Duncan.

We have chosen to represent this crest over the more popular one (A ship under sail. Motto; Disce Pati,) as that is known to be in error see below text reproduced from the Clan Duncan Society (Scotland):

“For some considerable time it has been a misconception, fuelled by commercial concerns and ‘Bucket Shops’ that the crest; A ship under sail. Motto; Disce Pati, is the Clan Duncan Clansmans Crest Badge and Motto, it is not. Nor is it the crest of the Chief of a Clan Duncan because at the moment there is no known Chief. The only crests similar but not exactly the same are that of Capt. Andrew Charles Duncan registered in the Public Register of all Arms Scotland, Court of the Lord Lyon 1963.

The same crest ‘a ship under sail’ is also said to be that of Admiral Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Camperdown but again it is not. Admiral Duncan’s crest is ‘on waves of the Sea a Dismasted Ship proper’. Likewise the crest does not seem to be registered in the public register of all arms in Scotland (the Lyon Register) until 1882, when the arms and crest were then registered by his grandson Robert Dandas Haldane-Duncan, Baron Lundie, Earl of Camperdown. It is known however that the crest ‘a dismasted ship’ was in use over 200 years earlier by William Duncan of Seaside a direct ancestor.”