Clan Edmonstone History

edmonstone_img_historyThe name derives from Edmonstone, or ‘the tun of Eadmund’ near Edinburgh.  ‘Eadmund’ may be Aedmund filius Forn who witnessed a charter by Thor filius Swani in 1150.

The family also gave it’s name to land in Berwickshire and Lanarkshire.

The first of the name on record is that of Henry de Edmundistun who was witness to a charter by Henry de Brade in 1200, and may be the same Henricus de Edmundiston who witnessed a quit claim of land in Swinis Keeth in 1248.

Haldwin of Edmideston’s son and heir, William, resigned his land of Edmideston in the tenement of Biggar in 1322.

John de Edmundston is recorded in 1368.

In 1560 the name appeared in the Shetland Islands where there was a family named Edmonston at Unst.

In 1612 John Edmestoun was burgess freeman of Glasgow, Ursilla Edmesson is recorded in Windhouse in 1648, and Andrew Edmestoun was a notary in Lauder in 1650.

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