Clan Glas History

glas_img_historyGaelic personal name found in Dunmaglas, Dun Mac Glais, ‘fort of the sons of Glas’.

The name Glass is from ‘glas’ meaning ‘grey’.

Alexander Glass had a grant of half of the lands of Langilculcreich in Bute (1506).

There was a Donald Glass in Dingwall in 1652, and in 1674 there was a butcher in Elgin named Joh Glass.
Fifteen people of this name are recorded in the Commisariot Record of Dunblane between the16th and 18th centuries.

Reverend John Glas, minister of Tealing was founder of a relious group known as ‘Glasites’ (later ‘Sandemanians’), which were against the established Church of Scotland. He believed that having individual state churches was disrespectful to the religion, and wrote leaflets, which were viewed as controversial, explaining his beliefs, and were published

Another John Glas, despite having been trained to study medicine, was the captain of a merchant ship which traded with South America. Whilst trying to form a colony on the African coast, Glas was arrested by Spanish authorities, but the British government successfully negotiated his release, and he headed back to Britain in 1765. Not far from the Irish coast, Glas’ crew mutinied and he was murdered, along with his wife an daughter who were thrown overboard. The mutineers confessed to their actions and were executed in the October of that year.

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