Clan Glen

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Glen Clan Crest

Glen Clan Crest


Crest: A dexter arm embowed, sleeved Sable, holding a heart, Proper
Motto: Alta Pete (Aim high)
Lands: Borders
Region: Lowlands
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Glen Tartan

Douglas Grey

Douglas Grey

Douglas Clan tartan (There is no registered tartan for this clan)

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Clan History

Traquair Parish Church

Traquair Parish Church

Glen History

The name comes from the lands of Glen in Traquair, Peebles-shire, but the castle on these lands was not actually built for the Glen family, but rather for the Tennant family who now hold the title of Lord Glenconner.
Colban del Glen received a royal legacy in 1328 and in the same year Robert I confirmed to Colban and his spouse the land of Quilte in the sheriffdom of Peebles.

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Clan Lands

Glen Lands


Glen Map

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