Clan Grant Septs

The following names are considered associated names or septs of Clan Grant:

Allan, Allen, Bisset(t), Bowie, Buie, Gilroy, MaccAllan, M(a)cgilroy, M(a)cIlroy,

MacKerran is the Sept formed by the son of Kerran, himself a Grant.

M(a)cKiaran, M(a)cKessock, Pratt and Suttie.

The following have had their status formally recognised by the Chief

The Mores of Drumcork were recognised by Sir Patrick, the late Chief.
The Allans of Rhynagairn were recognised in 2008 by Sir James, our current chief.
The Siol Lewis – Cherokee descendants of Ludovick Grant, younger of Crichie (none of whom bear the surname Grant) have now been recognised officially (since the International Gathering in 2010).
The Siol Cudbright – Métis descendants of Cuthbert Grant sr. of Cromdale.


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