Clan Haliburton

Basic Info.

Haliburton Clan Crest

Haliburton Clan Crest


Crest: A Moor’s head couped at the shoulders and armed with a helmet Proper
Motto: Watch Well
Region: Lowlands
Seat: Haliburton, Berwickshire
Clan Chief: None, armigerous family

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Haliburton Tartan

Tweedside District

Tweedside District

Tweedside District tartan (There are no registered tartans for this clan)

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Clan History

Direlton Castle, East Lothian

Direlton Castle, East Lothian

Haliburton History

The name comes from the lands of Haliburton in Berwickshire. The lands there were originally called Burghton or Burton, but with the creation of a church there the place was renamed Holy Burton, or Haly Burton.
The first record of a Haliburton, is of Walter de Halyburton. It is a confirmation of a donation in 1176 to the Abbey of Kelso from his church of Halyburton.

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Clan Lands

Haliburton Lands


Haliburton Map

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