Clan Halkerston History

halkerston_img_historyThe name was originally found as Hawkerton, from lands in the Mearns held by the king’s falconer.
Around the year 1200, Ranulph, the son of William the Lion’s falconer Walter, was gifted the lands of Hawkerton in the Mearns.

Johan de Haulkerstone of Edinburghshire rendered homage in 1296 to Edward I of England by signing the Ragman Rolls, along with a number of Scotland’s other nobility. His symbol is that of an eagle, which was used to portray any hunting bird from that time.

Halkerston became quite common in and around Edinburgh in the 1400s and 1500s. Lands still lie near Inveresk in Midlothian known as Halkertson.

There is a Halkerstone’s Wynd in Edinburgh, named after either John Halkerstoun, the builder of Queens College, or David Halkerston who was killed defending Edinburgh against the English in 1544.

Robert de Halkerstone was rector of Cultir in 1468, and his successor was William Halkerstoune.

Jeanna Halkistoune was heir to David Halkistoune in Anstruther (1646).

The name has also been shortened to Hackston and Haxton.

The principal family line became the Lairds of Rathillet in Fife.

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