Clan Hopkirk History

Hobkirk Parish Church

Hobkirk (Hopekirk) Parish Church

Also found as Hobkirk, the name originates from Hopekirk, near Hawick in Roxburghshire.

James Hopkirk, reidare at Caringtoun in 1574. James Habkirk, an Edinburgh surgeon is recorded in 1690. Francis Hopkirk lived in the parish of Cranstoun in 1689, and William Hopkirk in Melrose in 1690. James Hobkirk, an exiled covananter of Cavers drowned near Orkney in 1679.

William Hopkirk was a belt-maker in Edinburgh in 1726. Thomas Hopkirk, born in 1785 was a botanist and one of the founders of the Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow.

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