Clan Kincaid

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Kincaid Clan Crest

Kincaid Clan Crest


Motto: I’ll Defend
Origin of Name: From Gaelic, ‘ceann cadha’, meaning ‘steep place’
Lands: Dunbartonshire
Historic Seat: Kincaid House
Clan Chief: Madam Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid

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Kincaid Tartan

Kincaid Modern

Kincaid Modern

Kincaid Clan tartan

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Clan History

Blackness Castle

Blackness Castle

Kincaid History

The name Kincaid, it is supposed, is territorial in origin, or possibly from ‘ceann cadha’, the ‘steep place’ or ‘pass’ but could also be ‘of the head of the rock’, or even ‘the head of the battle.’
The lands of Kincade were granted to Maldouen, third Earl of Lennox by Alexander III in 1238 the Earl then passed these lands to Sir William Galbraith, the fourth chief.

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Clan Lands

Kincaid Lands


Kincaid Map

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