Clan Lennox

Basic Info.

Lennox Clan Crest

Lennox Clan Crest


Crest: Two broadswords in saltire behind a swan’s head and neck all Proper
Motto: I’ll Defend
Badge: A rose slipped Gules
Lands: Dunbartonshire
Clan Chief: Edward Lennox Of That Ilk

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Lennox Tartan

Lennox Modern

Lennox Modern

Lennox Clan tartan

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Clan History

Lennox Arms

Lennox Arms

Lennox History

The Lennox clan has a great significance in Scotland’s early history.

The Earldom of Lennox covered a vast area around Dunbartonshire as well as parts of Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire and Perthshire. The name derives from the ancient Celtic Mormaers of Levenax from which came the Earls of Lennox.

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Clan Lands

Lennox Lands

Lennox Map

Lennox Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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