Clan Logie History

Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral

Logie, or Loggie, is territorial in origin from either one or more of the numerous Logie place names.
John de Logy, a canon of Dunkeld, is recorded in 1271.

Malise de Loghis and William de Logyn were taken as Scottish prisoners of war at the Battle of Dunbar on the 27th of April 1296, which saw a decisive victory for the English. In 1296, Wauter de Logy of Fife, along with a number of other of Scotland’s nobility, pledged their allegiance to Edward I of England by signing the Ragman Rolls. 1320 sees the earliest record of the Logy of Logy family when Sir John of Logy is referred as being one of the conspirators against Robert the Bruce.

In Lowestoft, Suffolk, a John of Logy, a Scot, was arrested illegally in 1405.
In 1321 a Philipp de Logy was witness to a charter in Dundee, and then in 1328-9 there is a record of payments to Philip de Logy, burgess of Dundee. In 1424, a John Logge is recorded to have complained about his illegal imprisonment in Orkney. In 1457, an Alexander Logy was granted burgess of Aberdeen. Logie have no clan chief currently, and so are an armigerous clan.

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