Clan MacArthur

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MacArthur Clan Crest

MacArthur Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: Artair
Motto: Fide et Opera (By fidelity and work)
Badge: Fir Club Moss, Wild Thyme, Wild Myrtle
Lands: Argyll, Cowal, Skye
Origin of Name: Son of Arthur
Clan Chief: John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk

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MacArthur Tartan

MacArthur Modern

MacArthur Modern

MacArthur Clan tartan

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Clan History

King Arthur

King Arthur

MacArthur History

The legends of King Arthur are well known and historically contradictory. From the Welsh-speaking areas of Strathclyde (in which Glasgow now lies), Rheged and Gododdin (in which Edinburgh now lies), the earliest surviving Scottish poem tells of the resistance leader Arthur fighting against the English of Northumbria when they defeated Gododdin.

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Clan Lands

MacArthur Lands

MacArthur Map

MacArthur Map

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