Clan MacArthur Septs

Although MacArthur is now a Clan in it’s own right it is also a sept of Clan Campbell.

It is said that some MacArthurs were descended from MacDonalds.

Septs include:  Arthur Arthurson Dewar MacArtair McArthure mcarthur Macarthur Makarturicht Maccaiter Makkerthrye M’Carthur Maccarter MacCarter M’Erthir M’Arthur Makarthure M’Carthair M’Artour M’Carthour McCarthair M’Artoure M’Arthor M’Arthour M’Carter M’Airthour M’Cairter M’Kartur McHarter McKerter MacArtur McKairtour M’Cairtter McAtur Makcairtour MacCartair MacCairter Mackartar MacArter McCartur Mcerter McArter M’Cartour Maccart McArtor M’Arthure mcArther Makarta M’Cartur mcArthour Magarta M’Arthur McArther Mecarta McArta mcArtor MacArta MacAtair McCartor Carter MacArtar mcArthor Cartter McAuthur McArtair Makarthour MacArther McArthur MacArtor McArther McArthur McCarter MacArthur Mcarthur McArthor McArthur Mcarthor MacArthor McArtour Mcartur MacIndeor