Clan MacColl Septs

MacColl is down as a sept of Clan Donald.

They are also considered a sept of Clan MacNaughton and Stewart of Appin

The similar sounding name of MacCALL is of quite separate origin and is early found in Nithsdale where the MacCalls of Guffockland were long established. Guffockland was an estate near the village of Kirkconnel in the parish of Sanquhar. Here the name most probably derives from ‘MacCathail’ (son of Cathal), and while some MacCalls of Dumfries and Ayr shires may have descended from MacAulays of the Lennox, as sometimes averred, there is little evidence to support this. Clans to which allegiance might be declared would be identified by evidence of the geographical origins of one’s ancestors. For those with southern or central Argyll origins the MacDonalds or Campbells would seem most appropriate, while those with Appin or Lorne origins would most probably have Appin Stewart association.

The following is a list of septs and spelling variants for the name MacColl:

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