Clan MacDonald of Clanranald Septs

The following names are considered sept of Clan MacDonald of Clanranald:

Allan, Burke, MacCellach, MacCulloch (must be Mac Cellaigh), MacKelloch, Kelly (must be Mac Cellaigh), MacCormick, MacCuithein, MacKeithan, MacWhithee, MacQueen (must be Mac Cuithein or MacCuinn), MacDougall (only those from North Uist), MacEachan, MacGachen, MacGeachie, McGeachie, MacKeachan, MacKechnie, MacKichan, MacAichan, McGechan, McGechaen, MacGillies, Gillis, Gill (must be Mac Gille Iosa), MacGorrie, Currie/Curry/McCurry/Godfrey/Jeffrey (must be Mac Goraidh), MacGowan, Gowan (must be Mac a ghobhainn), Smith, MacIllimhicall, MacMichael, MacMitchell, Michael/Michaelson/Mitchell/Mitchelson/Carmichael, MacInnes, MacGinnis, MacIntyre, MacEntire, Wright (must be Mac an t-saoir), MacIsaac, MacKessock, Isaacson/Kessock (must be Mac Iosaig; from Clanranald lands), MacKenabry, MacLellan, MacClellan, MacGillelan, Gililan (must be Mac Gille Fhaolain and from Morar), MacLulich, MacCulloch (must be Mac Lulaich), MacManechin, Monk (must be Mac Manach), MacMhuirich, MacBurie, MacMurrich, MacVurrich, MacWurie, Currie/Curry/MacCurry (must be Mac Mhuirich), MacQuilly, MacRuairi, MacRory, MacRury MacCrory, Rorieson, Rory (must be Mac Ruairidh), MacVarish, MacWarish, MacMoris (only those from Moidart), and