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MacDowall Clan Crest

MacDowall Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: Mac Dubhghaill
Motto: Vincere Vel Mori (To conquer or die)
Badge: Sprig of Oak
Origin of Name: Gaelic, son of Dubhghall, ‘dark stranger’
Seat: Barr Castle
Clan Chief: Fergus D.H. McDowall of Garthland

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MacDowall Tartan

MacDowall Tartan

MacDowall Tartan

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Clan History

Barr Castle

Barr Castle

MacDowall History

The ancient history of Galloway has a long connection with the name MacDowall. Galloway, a district in the south west of Scotland, took its name from the Galli or Gaelic settlers of the six and seven hundreds AD. There are many legends that exist in Galloway including the story that Dovall of Galloway killed Nothatus the Tyrant in 230 BC, and it is also said that the Galloway Royal House resisted the Roman armies.

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MacDowall Lands

MacDowall Map

MacDowall Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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