Clan McEwen (Clan Ewen)

Basic Info.

MacEwen Clan Crest

MacEwen Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: MacEoghainn
Crest: A trunk of an oak tree sprouting Proper
Motto: Reviresco (I grow strong again)
Lands: Cowal, Lennox, Galloway
Origin of Name: Son of Ewen
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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MacEwen Tartan

MacEwen Modern

MacEwen Modern

MacEwen Clan tartan

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Clan History

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne

MacEwen History

The MacEwen earliest forebear is Ewen of Otter on the shores of Loch Fyne in Argyll in about 1200, descendants from the original Scots of Dalriada. There are numerous alternative spellings used by the clan.

In 1432 the Barony of Otter was granted to Sween MacEwen by James I, with the remainder to the heir of Duncan Campbell of Loch Aure.

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Clan Lands

MacEwen Lands

MacEwen Map

MacEwen Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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