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MacGill Clan Crest

MacGill Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: Mac an ghoill
A phoenix in flames, Proper
Motto: Sine Fine (Without end)
Origin of Name: From Gaelic, meaning ‘son of the lowlander’ or ‘son of the stranger’
Clan Chief: Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, 14th Viscount of Oxfuird

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MacGill Tartan

MacGill Modern

MacGill Modern

MacGill Clan tartan

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Clan History



Makgill History

The name Makgill is said to derive from ‘Mac a Ghoill’, meaning ‘son of the lowlander’ or ‘son of the stranger’. The name became established in Galloway prior to the thirteenth century.

Maurice Macgeil witnessed a charter to the church of St Thomas the Martyr of Arbroath in 1231.

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