Clan MacGill Septs

Though a Clan in its own right, MacGill is closely associated with Clan Donald. Of original Clan Donald blood, from Islay or Jura.

No more than 1 in 8 Gills originally had a ‘Mac’ prefix.

Some MacColls may also derive from this name.

Originally from Islay and Jura – Clan Donald South.

Spelling Variations

MacGill, Macgill, Magill, Makgill, McGill, Mcgill, MacGille, MacGyle, MacGyll, Macan’Gaill, MacGeil, MacGhill, MacGall, MacIghail, M’Gill, M’Gill, Mac Giolla, Mac an Ghaill, Magel, Magil, Magill, McKill


Those from the West Highlands and Islands and would have originally been a MacGill or a MacGillis. Approx. 16% of all Gills are of Scots ancestry. Scots Gills not of Clan Donald may be from Perthshire, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Peebles-shire, Ayr, Dumfries or Dunkeld.