Clan MacInnes Septs

The following names are considered septs of Clan MacInnes:

The Society only consider MacNeish and MacMaster as septs of Clan MacInnes.

Other names have been listed as septs but this is not proven, some of these are; Angus, Canch, Cansh, Caunce, Hance, MacAngus, MacAinish, MacAinsh, MacAneiss, MacAninch, MacAninsh, MacAnsh, MacAonghais, MacAonghuis, MacCainsh, and MacCance

MacInnes has been incorrectly shown in places as a sept of Clan MacFarlane, the MacFarlane Society do not list MacInnes, they do list MacEachern which is part of the “Siol Gilbride” that includes MacInnes. But MacInnes should not be listed as being a sept of MacFarlane.