Clan MacIntyre Crest

MacIntyre Clan Crest

MacIntyre Clan Crest

Crest Description: A dexter hand holding a dagger in pale, Proper

Why no snowball on the MacIntyre Crest?

Some people still use the MacIntyre crest with the snowball and we’ve had people asking why has the crest changed? The reason for this is that previous to 1991 no Macintyre chief had recorded arms in Lyon Register. Therefore, the crest badge used by the clan was that of a major cadet of the chiefly house, Alasdair Macintyre of Camus-na-h-erie. This was the crest of a snowball impaled on a dagger. In 1991, James Wallace Macintyre of Glencoe, ninth of the recorded chiefs, matriculated the correct
undifferenced arms. The new crest of the chief is a dexter hand holding a dagger in pale proper.
The clan wears the crest from the chiefs arms (James MacIntyre of Glenoe) so the one without the snowball is more correct.