Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie Septs

The following names are considered septs of Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie:

Black Cormac Cormack Cormag
Cormick Gilvray Lochbuie MacArmick
MacCarmick MacCarmike MacChormaig MacClaine
MacClan MacClane MacClayne MacComok
MacCormack MacCormaic MacCormaig MacCormick
MacCormock MacCormok MacCornick MacCornock
MacCornok MacFadden MacFaden MacFadin
MacFadion MacFadwyn MacFadyean MacFadyen
MacFadyon MacFadzan MacFadzean MacFadzein
MacFadzeon MacFattin MacFayden MacFedden
MacFeyden MacFydeane MacGillane MacGillavary
MacGillayne MacGillevary MacGillevoray MacGillevorie
MacGillevray MacGillewra MacGillewray MacGillivary
MacGillivoor MacGillivraid MacGillivray MacGillivrie
MacGillivry MacGillowray MacGillvary MacGillveray
MacGillvery MacGillvra MacGillvray MacGillyane
MacGilvary MacGilvery MacGilvory MacGilvra
MacGilvray MacGilwrey MacGormick MacGormock
MacGuilvery MacIlaine MacIlbraie MacIliwray
MacIllaine MacIllayn MacIlleain MacIllvra
MacIloray MacIlra MacIluray MacIlveerie
MacIlvery MacIlvora MacIlvory MacIlvra
MacIlvrach MacIlvrae MacIlvray MacIlwra
MacIlwray MacKelrae MacKermick MacKernock
MacKlain MacKlan MacKlane MacKornock
MacKornok MacLain MacLaine MacLane
MacLayne MacOlaine MacOrmack MacPadane
MacPaden MacPhadan MacPhadden MacPhaddion
MacPhadein MacPhaden MacPhadzen MacPhaidein
MacPhaiden MacPhaidin MacPhyden MacYlory
Makarmik Makclane Makclayne Makcormok
Makfadzane Makgillane Makillewray Makkilrow
Maklane Maklayne Vcgillevorie