Clan MacLeod of Lewis Septs

The following names are considered septs of Clan MacLeod of Lewis:

Allum, Callam, Callum, Challum, Gillecallum, MacAllum, MacAlman MacCallum, MacCalman, MacGillechallum, Malcolm, Malcolmson, Lewis, MacAskill, Kasky, MacAsgill, MacCaskie, Caskie, MacCaskill, MacKaskill, MaKasky, Taskill, MacAulay, Aulay, Calley, Caulay, Coll, MacAllay, MacAlley, MacAuley, MacCaulay, MacCauley, MacCorley, MacCabe, MacKabe,MacCorkill, MacCorkindale, MacCorkle, MacCorquodale MacKerkyll, MacKorkyll, MacOrkill, McCorkie, McKurkull, MacCorkindale, Corquodale and MacCorcadail, MacCorkill, MacCorkle, MacCorquodale, MacThorcadail, Nicol, deNicole, MacNichol, MacNickle, McNychol, Necolson, Nichol(s), Nicholl, Nicholson, Nickle, Nicoll, Nicollsoun, Nicolson, Nuccol, Nuckall, Nucolsone, Norie, Noray, Nore, Norn, Norrey, Norreys, Norrie, Norris, Norye, and Tolmie