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Clan Macleod Society, USA, Inc.
South Central Region, 7618 Twin Hills Dr., Houston, TX l77071-1418

Donald B. MacLeod, 65 Heather Lane, Rochester, NY 14616, 716-865-7284

William F. MacLeod, 3910 Caminito Del Mar Surf, Sandiego, CA 92130.

The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies

Associated Clan MacLeod Societies Genealogical Resources Center

Clan Macleod Society America

Clan Macleod Society Australia

Clan MacLeod Society Canada

Clan MacLeod Society England

Clan MacLeod Society France

Clan MacLeod Society Scotland

Clan MacLeod Society New Zealand

Clan MacLeod Deutschland (in German)

Clan MacLeod South Africa

The Clan MacLeod Pipe Band of Sydney

Clan MacLeod Society – South Central Region

MacLeod of Saguenay
MacLeod of Saguenay Facebook page

Information about McLeod: Ascaig – cleared from Kildonan and Mull and settlers at Red River – now Winnipeg, Canada. Research from a Genealogist for The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land.


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