Clan MacNeill of Colonsay Septs

The following names are considered septs of Clan MacNeill of Colonsay:

Macneal, MacNeal, Macnealage, MacNealage, Macneale, MacNeale, Macneall, MacNeall, Macneallage, MacNeallage, Macnealle, MacNealle, MacNeally, Macneel, MacNeel, Macneelage, MacNeelage, Macneele, MacNeele, MacNeeley, MacNeely, Macneil, MacNeil, Macneilage, MacNeilage, Macneile, MacNeile, Macneill, MacNeill, Macneillage, MacNeille, MacNelly, Macnial, MacNial, MacNialage, Macniall, MacNiall, MacNiallage, Macniel, MacNiel, Macnielage, MacNielage, Macniell, Macniell, MacNiell, MacNiellage, MacNielle, McCrillis, McGougan, Mcgrail, McGrail, McGugan, Mcguigan, McGuigan, McKneill, McNeal, Mcneale, McNeale, McNealedge, McNeall, McNealle, Mcneel, McNeel, Mcneelage, Mcneeley, Mcneely, McNeely, McNeil, McNeiledge, McNeill, McNeille, McNeilly, Mcneily, McNelly, Mcnial, McNial, McNiall, McNiel, McNeill, McNeille, Neal, Neale, Nealey, Neall, Nealle, Nealy, Neel, Neele, Neeley, Neell, Neely, Neil, Neill, Neille, Neilsen, Neilson, Nelson, Niel, Niell, Nielle, Nilson, O’Neail, O’Neal, O’Neil, and O’Neill