Clan MacPhee (MacFie)

Basic Info.

MacPhee Clan Crest

MacPhee Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: MacDubh-shithe
Motto: Pro rege (For the king)
Badge: Heather
Lands: Colonsay
Origin of Name: Gaelic, MacDubh-shithe (Son of the Dark Fairy)
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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MacPhee Tartan

MacPhee Modern

MacPhee Modern

MacPhee Clan tartan

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Clan History



MacPhee History

The gaelic name Mac a’Phi gives the English phonetic spelling Macafie, sometimes shortened to Macfie or MacPhee. However, in its original form, the name was probable Mac Dhuibh Shith or “Son of the Dark Fairy”. The “dark fairy” is synonymous with the dark stranger who must be the first to cross the threshold at the turn of the new year, bringing presents of food and drink, and symbolising good fortune.

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Clan Lands

MacPhee Lands

MacPhee Map

MacPhee Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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