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MacThomas Clan Crest

MacThomas Clan Crest


Motto: Deo Juvante Invidam Superabo (With God’s help I will overcome envy)
Badge: Snowberry (but also the Red Whortleberry like Clan Chattan)
Lands: Glenshee
Gathering Place: Clach na Coileach (The Cockstane)
Clan Chief: Andrew MacThomas of Finegand

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MacThomas Tartan

MacThomas Modern

MacThomas Modern

MacThomas Clan tartan

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Clan History



MacThomas History

The Clan originated in the 15th Century when Thomas, a descendant of the Chattan Macintoshes, grandson of William, 8th. Chief of Clan Chattan .

The Clan had become too large to manage so Thomas took his kinsmen across the Grampians from Badenoch to settle in Glenshee.

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Clan Lands

MacThomas Lands

MacThomas Map

MacThomas Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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