Clan Meikle History

Meikle, also seen spelt Mickel and Mickle, is an old Middle Scots word meikill, meikle, mekill meaning ‘big, large’, and may have been used to describe the first person to bear the name. Examples include Mekle John Burne in Branxhelm in 1495, and in 1516 a Mekill Henry Nikson. There is, however, no evidence to suggest that the name is a form of Michael.

There have been a number of people who have been recorded over the years with this surname, or a variation.

A Willelmus Mykyl was excommunicated by the parish of Fyvy in 1382, whilst in 1389 a Robertus Mykyl was a juror on an assize in regards to the mill-lands of Quarelwode in Moray.

A Willelmus Baxter Mykil was elected a ‘lineator’ in Aberdeen in 1398.

William Mykill or Mikil was a juror in 1431 on an inquest at Narn for the purpose of making clear the former tenure of the lands of Kilrawkis and Geddes.

In 1609, Elizabeth, or Bessie, Mekill was retoured as heir portioner of John Mekill, burgess of Lynlythgow (Linlithgow).

William Meikill was also retoured as an heir but of his father, Thomas Meikill of Clokisland in 1616.

In 1693, in Glasgow, John Muckle was a bellfounder.

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