Clan Moncur History

Noted Moncurs include a Michael de Muncur who witnessed a charter by Ysabella de Brus at some point between 1237 and 1248.

Andrew de Muncurr, the retainer of James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland, who had his lands restored to him in 1296, could be the same person as Andrew de Monctour, who, in the same year paid homage to England’s Edward I by signing the Ragman Rolls in Berwick-on-Tweed.

In 1296, Robert de Muntcurt (possibly a Moncur) was one of the Scottish prisoners taken to Dunbar Castle.

In 1302, a Mariota de Moncur was domina de Rossy, and a Michael de Munkure held lands in Angus during 1398.
The Earl of Errol received a bond of manrent from Andrew Moncur of that Ilk in 1541.

For several generations, the family of Muncur of Dundee were held in high esteem as armourers, and in the Exchequer Rolls, between 1444 and 1473, there are many references to arms made by the family, including the mention of an annual fee paid to them by the Court as armour makers.

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